Uploaded: 1/5/2017
Running a successful decorated apparel business means staying on top of the trends that most impact our industry. Stahls' TV educator Josh Ellsworth hosts as we look forward to 2017, a new year with new challenges and opportunities. In this video, we forecast the trends for each market and how you can be prepared for the upcoming year of decorated apparel, including projected business and apparel trends of the new year.

Uploaded: 4/7/2016
Is it time to add digital printing to your shop? You'll need to learn the advantages of adding full-color digital heat transfer materials to your decorating toolkit, and 6 questions to ask yourself before investing in one. In this live classroom, Stahls' TV educator, Bob Robinson, teaches decorators the capabilities of print/cut technology and full-color decorating alternatives.

Uploaded: 3/10/2016
If you’re doing well, you may start thinking about expanding your business, but how do you know when it’s time? In this live classroom, Stahls' TV educator Zach Ellsworth will teach you how to know when to expand your reach, capabilities, and staff, and creative ways to finance your growth.

Uploaded: 2/4/2016
Are you aiming at the right customers? By focusing on key niche markets with high growth potential, your business will be able to increase profits and maximize its spending. In this live classroom, Stahls' TV educator Zach Ellsworth teaches decorators how to capitalize on niche markets through the proper product and sales strategies.

Uploaded: 1/4/2016
Running a successful decorated apparel business means staying on top of trends that impact our industry. In this live classroom, Josh Ellsworth and a variety of guest experts go over trends including garments, decorations, and business decisions in the decorated apparel industry as decorators look forward to a new year with new challenges and opportunities.

Uploaded: 12/3/2015
Coming up with a fair and motivating compensation structure for your sales team can be a daunting task. In this live classroom, Stahls' TV educator Josh Ellsworth teaches decorators important considerations when setting up a compensation plan, including motivating a sales staff, structuring a plan, and other key considerations.

Uploaded: 11/24/2015
Have you ever wondered if you were making the best decision about how to decorate a particular item? In this live classroom, Stahls' TV Educator Zach Ellsworth will examine a number of typical decorating opportunities and teach you how to think like a Chief Decorating Officer, including the right decorating technology for the job and the most important questions to ask your customer.

Uploaded: 8/24/2015
Once you have decided to pursue the team and league business, it is important to understand the market. In this video, featured educator Doug Wilcoxson of Bomark Sportswear breaks down the target markets into two categories, the Team Market and the Recreational Leagues, and breaks down the difference between the two.

Uploaded: 8/20/2015
Your company is more than just it's logo. In this live classroom, learn how to make your apparel business stand out as Stahls' TV educator Josh Ellsworth goes over the 5 ways to elevate your company's image in going from basic to brand.

Uploaded: 7/21/2015
Take a second to consider JUST how many people own a T-shirt. When you're looking to sell in the apparel marketplace, you may consider them all your customer. But most businesses find that selecting a target market, understanding that market and tailoring their marketing efforts to that audience helps to yield higher returns. In this live class, join Stahls' TV educator Courtney Kubitza as she discusses successful selling tips with target marketing.

Uploaded: 6/18/2015
Have you seen the latest school and spritwear trend, the Faux Pocket? This new, preppy trend is taking the school spirit market by storm. In this episode, you will learn how to capitalize on the personalized faux pocket in a variety of patterns and finishes using your heat press including chevron, neon, metallic, tribal prints, and more.

Uploaded: 5/28/2015
One of the hottest heat printing applications is personalized hair bows! In this live Stahls' TV Class, Jenna Sackett and Josh Ellsworth show how to print you the latest trends in hair bows using your heat press and give you the real world costing info needed to enter this profitable niche.

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Uploaded: 4/15/2015
Learn how to master the latest trends in bling with your heat press. Join Courtney Kubitza to learn new ways to grow your business with custom sparkle apparel using glitters, rhinestones, sequins, metallics,and bling applique.

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Uploaded: 2/5/2015
Have a question? Need help figuring out the best way to market your business? In this STAHLS' TV LiveClassroom Q&A, Presenters Josh Ellsworth, Courtney Kubitza, and Zach Ellsworth sit down and answer your questions with tips and advice to help grow your business.

Uploaded: 11/18/2014
There are countless ways to turn a printer cutter into a profitable investment. STAHLS' TV Presenter, Josh Ellsworth shows you what you need to succeed in the world of digital graphics for apparel.

Uploaded: 8/7/2014
Once you've started your business and have decided on what types of materials you want to sell, the next step is deciding what colors you'd like to carry and how to price these options. Stahls' TV Presenter, Josh Ellsworth demonstrates successful ways you can display your available heat transfer vinyl color options, how to price the standard colors you choose to carry and how to increase your price with custom color requests.