Heat printing shorts with a heat press can help to increase the amount you sell to each customer. These videos will show you how to heat press various locations on shorts.

Uploaded: 8/2/2016
If you're looking to expand the items you offer to more than just t-shirts and jerseys for the fall sports season, then consider printing bottoms as a perfect addition to every shirt sale. In this video, Stahls' TV educator Jenna Sackett teaches decorators that joggers in the apparel marketplace aren't going anywhere, so it's time to get creative when it comes to printing.

Uploaded: 8/6/2014
Looking for ideas on how to increase sales for your business? Increasing the amount of items you sell to each customer is one way you can achieve that goal. Stahls' TV Presenter, Josh Ellsworth shows you how to heat press onto shorts to package and upsell a customer's order.

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