Pant Legs

Prints down the side of pant legs have impact. Watch the videos below to learn how to print pants.

Uploaded: 1/19/2016
Sweatpants are a part of everyone's wardrobe, and they are a popular item for markets such as schools, dance, and cheer. But how do you decorate them? In this video, Stahls' TV Educator Andy Curtiss of Transfer Express shows decorators unique locations to heat print onto sweat pants for a plethora of design ideas.

Uploaded: 9/3/2015
The fall season is upon us, and that means a plethora of new trends in the apparel marketplace, including zip-ups, hoodies, pants, and sweatshirts. With these fall garments, they usually present the obstacle of zippers, pockets, and differing materials. In this video, Courtney Kubitza will show you eight popular trends in fall apparel and how to print them with a heat press.

Uploaded: 7/30/2014
Adding print placements to sleeves or legs on an already sold garment can help increase sales for your business. Stahls' TV Presenter, Josh Ellsworth shows you how easy it is to print sleeves and legs using either the Stahls' Hotronix® Fusion or Air Fusion heat press.

Uploaded: 7/14/2014
Open up new sales opportunities printing the legs of sweatpants. Stahls TV Presenter, Josh Ellsworth shows how to print an oversized graphic down the leg of a pair of sweatpants using a 16" x 20" heat press.

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