Mixed Media

Mixing and matching transfer styles and print techniques is one way to create garments that stand out and sell. Watch these videos to learn about mixing and matching different finishes and technologies.

Uploaded: 2/16/2017
There are a variety of materials compatible with the rip-away process, and mixing them can give depth and dimension to your designs. In this video, embroidery expert Andrea Bommarito shows decorators how to create a rip-away mixed-media project utilizing matte and glitter heat transfer vinyl without ever using a vinyl cutter.

Uploaded: 2/13/2017
Mixing heat transfer vinyl and embroidery makes for an incredibly dynamic look, but when you add in patterned glitter htv, it takes it to the next level. In this video, Stahls' TV educator Courtney Kubitza and embroidery expert Andrea Bommarito show decorators how to create this patterned glitter special effect finish then add it to a garment using a rip-away applique to create a full-color look for your customers.

Uploaded: 10/4/2016
When creating multi-color designs, cutting, weeding, and layering different colors of heat transfer vinyl can become tiring and monotonous. In this video, Stahls' TV decorator Mike Koval teaches decorators how to keep the process simple by utilizing full color printing techniques, including tips on how to never turn down a multi-color job.

Uploaded: 8/31/2016
The demand for fitness apparel and athletic clothing is continuing to rise, giving apparel decorators more ways to make money from the new market. In this live classroom, Stahls' TV educator teaches decorators how to give their athletic and fitness apparel an edge with reflective heat transfer materials, including how to heat press popular fitness clothing and athletic apparel with basic and fashion heat transfer vinyl.

Uploaded: 7/28/2016
The start of school and fall sports is just around the corner. Learn how you can profit during this lucrative time of year by selling school spirit items. From apparel to accessories and everything in between, in this class, Stahls' TV educator Courtney Kubitza will teach decorators ways to make your apparel business central to the school’s spirit, including creating artwork, finding blank apparel, and using glitters, metallic, and patterns to boost the overall look.

Uploaded: 7/20/2016
The apparel industry is blowing up with new, cool looks, including textured garments, that will offer decorators new ways to create fresh, exciting looks on a variety of garments. In this video, Stahls' TV educator Courtney Kubitza teaches decorators how to create an ultra-cool tonal look by using a textured garment and heat transfer materials.

Uploaded: 7/5/2016
Mixed Media designs drive t-shirt sales and profits through the roof. Not sure where to start with layering heat transfers for stunning, multi-media looks? In this video, Stahls' TV educator Courtney Kubitza shows decorators the basics for creating mixed media looks, ways to add rhinestones and glitter to make screen printed designs, and the basic principles for mutli-color applications.

Uploaded: 6/20/2016
Adding mixed-media to an already trending garment is a recipe for high-profit sales! In this video, Stahls' TV educator Jenna Sackett takes a textured Bella + Canvas garment and decorates it with CAD-CUT® adhesive, heat transfer foil, and CAD-COLOR® SuperTEK™ Matte Clear.

Uploaded: 6/17/2016
Cutting Master 3 enables users to output their designs created in their preferred VECTOR illustration software directly to Graphtec cutting plotters. In this video, Stahls' TV educator Chad Pool teaches decorators how to download Cutting Master 3 online.

Uploaded: 5/31/2016
A little imagination and special finishes can really amp up your apparel decoration and set you apart from other decorators. In this live classroom, Stahls' TV educator Bob Robinson teaches decorators how to create stunning, mixed-media apparel, how to utilize various heat transfers to create one-of-a-kind T-shirts with multi-color, and ways to get creative with mixed media using screen printed transfers, CAD-CUT heat transfer materials, sublimation, and digital transfers.

Uploaded: 5/31/2016
Mixed media designs are a garment decorator's goldmine! These easy to print looks will sell more t-shirts and generate more profit per piece for your apparel business. The first step in creating unique, eye-catching looks, is artwork. In part one of this two-part series, Stahls' TV educator Courtney Kubitza teaches decorators how you can create trendy multi-color artwork using the free, online t-shirt art designer, CadworxLIVE.

Uploaded: 5/10/2016
The temperatures are heating up and summer is just around the corner. This time of year is prime for little league tournaments, vacations, family reunions, and new sales opportunities with your heat press. In this live classroom, Stahls' TV educator Courtney Kubitza shows decorators new ways to keep your heat press hot all summer long.

Uploaded: 4/19/2016
As bling continues to explode, sparkle apparel takes on a new look with full-color logos, patterns, and mixed media. The NEW bling trends are here and Stahls' TV wants to show you how you can start printing these looks in your shop. In this video, Stahls' TV educator, Courtney Kubitza, shows decorators everything from how to mix rhinestones and heat transfer material to full color printing with sublimation, in a single class.

Uploaded: 3/31/2016
Trendy, retail inspired designs are fueling wholesale apparel sales for schools, spirit wear, and corporate apparel. In this live classroom, Stahls' TV educator Courtney Kubitza will show you how to keep your business on trend with your heat press. Learn how to create hot-selling looks for your customers from popular retail trends, popular print technologies such as glitter and metallic, and trendy apparel blanks and where you can find them.

Uploaded: 3/31/2016
Mixed-media and CAD-COLOR digital heat transfer materials are ideal for adding value to your single color designs. In this live classroom, Stahls' TV Educator Courtney Kubitza shows decorators how create art for and apply layered materials in this heat printing tutorial, inclusing heat press tips for creating mixed-media looks with glitter, foil, and reflective finishes.

Uploaded: 3/8/2016
Knock-out designs are one of the hottest design trends in the decorated apparel industry today, but it's time to think outside the box! Traditionally, these looks are created using a mix of CAD-CUT® heat transfer materials to create a two-color effect, but in this video, Stahls' TV Educator Courtney Kubitza will show you how to create a knock-out design with rhinestones and CAD-CUT® Glitter Flake™ heat transfer vinyl for a special effect finish that is sure to wow customers.

Uploaded: 2/18/2016
If you're looking to start decorating spiritwear, but you're not sure of how to create eye-catching designs for your customers, this is a good place to start! In this video, Stahls' TV educator Josh Ellsworth teaches decorators how to make a variety of spiritwear designs, including multi-color glitter designs, that are sure to WOW your customers.

Uploaded: 1/19/2016
Want to add a little bling to your decorated apparel? Using Rhinestone transfers is one of the quickest and easiest way to creating an eye-catching design that your customers are sure to enjoy. In this video, Stahls' TV educator Andy Curtiss of Transfer Express will demonstrate just how simple it is by creating a mixed media look.

ASI Approved

Uploaded: 12/15/2015
If you're familiar with collegiate fraternities and sororities, you know that they are all about customized apparel. In this video, Stahls' TV educators Jenna Sackett and Tanner Dalton decorate trending items for fraternities and sororities, best for representing their colors and Greek letters.

Uploaded: 12/10/2015
Did you know that CAD-CUT® Glitter Flake™ is a polyester based material, meaning that it is the perfect candidate for sublimation? Bling up your look by sublimating directly onto CAD-CUT® Glitter Flake™ for full-color looks that are sure to wow your customers. In this video, Stahls' TV educator Courtney Kubitza demonstrates this process.

ASI Approved

Uploaded: 11/10/2015
Want to add unique finishes and media looks that help your designs stand out? Mixing and matching full color logos with special effects create a very distinct and hot selling look. In this video, Stahls' TV educator Courtney Kubitza shows decorators how to combine a print/cut digital transfer with Cad-Cut Glitter Flake.

ASI Approved

Uploaded: 11/3/2015
I See You! In this live classroom, Stahls' TV Educator Brandon Chipps demonstrated how to decorate garments using 3M Reflective and other reflective materials, how to incorporate embroidery with heat printing with rip away applique, and how to increase sales by reaching out to different markets including municipalities and schools using hi-visibility reflective materials.

Uploaded: 8/20/2015
One of the hottest heat printing trends is personalized hair bows! But have you ever thought of designing them with sublimation? In this live Stahls' TV Class, Jenna Sackett will show how to print beautiful sublimated bows and give you real world costs and prices for this profitable niche item.

ASI Approved

Uploaded: 5/28/2015
One of the hottest heat printing applications is personalized hair bows! In this live Stahls' TV Class, Jenna Sackett and Josh Ellsworth show how to print you the latest trends in hair bows using your heat press and give you the real world costing info needed to enter this profitable niche.

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