Outerwear yields some of the highest per piece profit opportunities in heat printing. Watch these videos to learn the ins and outs of printing various types of jackets.

Uploaded: 11/3/2015
I See You! In this live classroom, Stahls' TV Educator Brandon Chipps demonstrated how to decorate garments using 3M Reflective and other reflective materials, how to incorporate embroidery with heat printing with rip away applique, and how to increase sales by reaching out to different markets including municipalities and schools using hi-visibility reflective materials.

Uploaded: 4/15/2015
Looking for new ways to make big profits heat printing high margin items? Jackets and outerwear present new sales opportunities for your business year round. In this live video class, STAHLS' TV Presenter, Josh Ellsworth shows you how to create successful prints on a variety of jackets from polyester and cotton to nylon.

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Uploaded: 8/6/2014
Heat printing jackets is often challenging since seams and zippers can make it difficult to get a flat, even print surface for your transfer. Stahls' TV Presenter, Josh Ellsworth demonstrates some helpful tips to help you heat press jackets easily and more accurately to get big returns.

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Uploaded: 7/30/2014
Heat printing items with zippers can be difficult without the proper accessories. STAHLS' TV Presenter, Josh Ellsworth shows you to how to apply heat transfer vinyl with a heat printing pillow on a zip-up jacket to create a flat surface for an even pressure area across the application zone.