Foil Workout Tank for Wedding Season

Foil Workout Tank for Wedding Season

They’re tying the knot, so we’re setting up shop! Wedding season is in session and that means a lot of profit potential for apparel decorators. The brides and grooms-to-be are planning away for the 2017/2018 weddings, so it’s time for decorators to start preparing for the custom tees and personalized accessory orders coming their way!

Bachelor(ette) parties, wedding showers, dates to the gym, you name it – there’s a personalized or custom-made item for it. Whether it’s MR. & MRS. t-shirt’s to wear on their honeymoon, or bridesmaid’s tanks to wear for the bachelorette party, the list goes on when it comes to the amount of items you can be decorating for wedding season.

One particular niche that stands out above most is workout apparel. As many apparel decorators know, athleisure is a huge apparel trend, whether wearing it for comfort, or to yoga class, so that can only mean workout apparel for the bride is a MUST!

In the Craft Corner, we show you a fun, foil finish workout tank for a bride-to-be, done with CAD-CUT ® Adhesive and Fashion Film ®. We started by loading the HTV in to the Silhouette Cameo and cutting out our designs. Once the designs were cut, we weeded away the excess material from the carrier and our design was ready to be heat applied. 




At the press, we started by loading the garment onto the Hotronix MAXX Press and preheating the garment to release any moisture or wrinkles in the fabric. When the preheat process was finishes we placed the Fashion Film ® HTV down and applied for a couple seconds just to tack down the first piece of the design. Once the tack was finished, we peeled the carrier back hot and placed down the Adhesive HTV. 


CAD-CUT® Adhesive applies at 300 degrees for 5 seconds at a light pressure and peels hot. Once that application is complete, we placed the foil on top of the adhesive and applies for its full application – 300 degrees for 8 to 10 seconds at a heavy pressure. Once the application was complete, we waited for the foil to cool down before peeling from the adhesive. 


Once the foil application is complete, you have a completed workout tank for the lucky bride-to-be. 




 To see the step-by-step tutorial check out the video below! For more video’s on unique items to print for customers using a home iron and a craft cutter be sure to check out the Stahls’ TV Craft Corner! 



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