CorelDRAW® is one of the most popular design tools on the market. Watch the videos in this section to learn how to make it work for your printing business.

Uploaded: 8/22/2016
Do you own a vinyl cutter? When creating custom artwork for vinyl cutting, how you choose, create, and prepare your vector artwork can help improve your production processes. In this video, presented by Dane Clement of Great Dane Graphics, decorators will learn how to use CorelDraw to create custom t-shirt artwork designed for the vinyl cutting process.

Uploaded: 2/16/2016
It's time to focus on the artwork! In this video, Stahls' TV educator Chad Pool shows decorators what to do after they have successfully created artwork to get it ready for the printing and, most importantly, cutting process.

Uploaded: 2/16/2016
Print/cut machines are ideal for creating vibrant, easy to apply, full-color graphics... but they're not perfect. In this video, Stahls' TV Educator Joe Burt teaches decorators about the importance of creating a bleed zone during the art creation process and how to apply one to your graphic.

Uploaded: 8/1/2014
When designing graphics using art from CutUps™ Clip Art for CorelDRAW®, there's a variety of different ways you can manipulate your graphic to create your own, custom design. Stahls' TV Presenter, Josh Ellsworth shows you some helpful tips on how to install CutUps™ to your computer, how to trim any portion of your desired graphic, and how to customize these designs with text.

Uploaded: 7/15/2014
There are two methods for creating a two-color heat transfer designs on any garment, the trapping and the layering process. Stahls' TV Presenter, Josh Ellsworth demonstrates how to create a two-color design using CorelDraw and then heat press those transfers to your garment using both methods.

Uploaded: 7/14/2014
Using CorelDraw you can create custom designs and apply patterns to text or graphics. STAHLS’ TV Presenter, Josh Ellsworth, shows you step-by-step how to create your own custom patterned designs for apparel decorating.