CadWorxLIVE is the most powerful, free cloud-based software for the apparel decorating professional. CadworxLIVE gives you the ability to quickly create artwork for apparel personalization and signs. With no expensive membership fees & no insane learning curves, you'll be creating art in minutes. From custom t-shirt designs and easy to customize templates, to the fastest way to create names and numbers for teams, you'll find this software is a valuable asset to your apparel business.

Watch these videos to learn how to make the most of this program's designers: Design Studio and Easy Teams.

Uploaded: 9/29/2016
Artwork creation is the key to creating looks that sell. In this live classroom, Stahls' TV educator Jenna Sackett teaches decorators how to increase profit by offering eye-catching designs to reach different markets. Designing trendy looks in CadworxLIVE® using Great Dane Graphics is just a click away.

Uploaded: 7/28/2016
The start of school and fall sports is just around the corner. Learn how you can profit during this lucrative time of year by selling school spirit items. From apparel to accessories and everything in between, in this class, Stahls' TV educator Courtney Kubitza will teach decorators ways to make your apparel business central to the school’s spirit, including creating artwork, finding blank apparel, and using glitters, metallic, and patterns to boost the overall look.

Uploaded: 5/31/2016
A little imagination and special finishes can really amp up your apparel decoration and set you apart from other decorators. In this live classroom, Stahls' TV educator Bob Robinson teaches decorators how to create stunning, mixed-media apparel, how to utilize various heat transfers to create one-of-a-kind T-shirts with multi-color, and ways to get creative with mixed media using screen printed transfers, CAD-CUT heat transfer materials, sublimation, and digital transfers.

Uploaded: 5/31/2016
Mixed media designs are a garment decorator's goldmine! These easy to print looks will sell more t-shirts and generate more profit per piece for your apparel business. The first step in creating unique, eye-catching looks, is artwork. In part one of this two-part series, Stahls' TV educator Courtney Kubitza teaches decorators how you can create trendy multi-color artwork using the free, online t-shirt art designer, CadworxLIVE.

Uploaded: 2/18/2016
If you're looking to start decorating spiritwear, but you're not sure of how to create eye-catching designs for your customers, this is a good place to start! In this video, Stahls' TV educator Josh Ellsworth teaches decorators how to make a variety of spiritwear designs, including multi-color glitter designs, that are sure to WOW your customers.

Uploaded: 1/18/2016
The ‘knockout’ technique is an eye-catching way to turn a single design into multi-color look. Learn how to easily execute this look with just a few steps in CadworxLIVE in this Live Classroom with Stahls' TV educator Josh Ellsworth, as well as the markets you can reach and the different styles of the knockout designs.

Uploaded: 6/18/2015
Have you seen the latest school and spritwear trend, the Faux Pocket? This new, preppy trend is taking the school spirit market by storm. In this episode, you will learn how to capitalize on the personalized faux pocket in a variety of patterns and finishes using your heat press including chevron, neon, metallic, tribal prints, and more.

Uploaded: 12/9/2014
In this live broadcast, STAHLS' TV Presenter Josh Ellsworth introduces you to design studio for new decorators, along with a full overview of the software and tips for experienced users. Learn more about how using can help you turn virtually any image into vector art for your vinyl cutter.