DIY Apparel Trend: Stars, Stripes & Foil for Memorial Day

DIY Apparel Trend: Stars, Stripes & Foil for Memorial Day

Blog Post by Jenna Sackett

This proud and patriotic tank top was inspired by the upcoming holiday, Memorial Day, but also makes for a great selling occasion for all the Red, White & Blue holiday’s we celebrate in the Summer! So whether it’s for Memorial Day, Fourth of July, or Labor Day – this USA tank is the perfect item to increase sells for Summer 2017!

In the Craft Corner, we show you how to pair CAD-CUT® Patterns & Foil to really take this USA design to the next level and result in a stand-out finish!



We started by cutting the CAD-CUT® Patterns and Adhesive on the Silhouette Cameo®, weeding away the excess material from the carrier, and masking our pattern material (for the how-to guide on cutting, weeding and masking pattern HTV, click here). 



Once our designs were weeded and masked, we were ready to begin the heat application. We started by loading on our tank top (sourced from S&S Activewear or SanMar) onto the 9” x 12” platen and preheated to release the moisture and wrinkles in the fabric. 



After preheating the garment, we applied the adhesive HTV (used for the foil to adhere to) for 5 seconds at 300 degrees using a light pressure. 



After applying the Adhesive, we peeled the carrier back hot, then laid in the next pieces of our design – the pattern HTV and Foil application. CAD-CUT® Patterns and Foil apply at 300 degrees for 10 seconds so I’m applying these two pieces at the same time to speed up production time. I adjusted my pressure to a firm pressure to accommodate that application instructions of the Foil.



Once the heat application is complete, we peeled the carrier sheet back from the pattern HTV since it’s a hot peel, but waited for the Foil to cool completely before peeling. After the Foil has cooled down, we peeled the Foil sheet away from the Adhesive, and our custom Memorial Day garment is complete! 



For pricing and profit potential for this custom Memorial Day Stars & Stripes Tank, watch the video below! 



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