About Us

At Stahls’ TV, our drive to educate and inspire apparel decorators runs around the clock. Since 2015, StahlsTV.com has been the industry’s authority on heat printing education. Our online videos offer so much more than typical tutorials. From getting started printing your first shirt with a heat press to expanding your decorated apparel shop to new technologies and product offerings, every video tutorial is a chance for us to partner with your business and help you grow.

In the ever-changing apparel industry, we believe apparel decorators must continually evolve to remain competitive and successful. That is why we work hard to be the first to deliver on new trends and ways to modify your print processes so you can be as fast, efficient, and successful as possible.

We bring together the world’s top educators, most passionate apparel enthusiasts, and the most inspiring ideas to help you succeed.

Whether you’re a newbie or seasoned professional, we encourage you to come join us. Check out one of our 800 on-demand videos or attend a live, interactive class to get started.