8 New Heat Printing Products We Love

8 New Heat Printing Products We Love

2017 is coming to an end and 2018 is sure to bring us fun and exciting new things, but before we kick off the New Year with more product launches, let’s recap some of the new heat printing products 2017 had to offer!

     1. Fun, Colorful Patterns

If you have not yet seen the 300+ brand new patterns we have just launched in collaboration with Sparkle Berry Ink, click here to check them out! From holidays and causes to tribal and animal prints these bright, unique patterns are the perfect way to add a pop of color to your heat printing designs. Incorporating patterns helps achieve the full-color finish in your designs without having to bring the technology to do full-color prints in house. By incorporating full-color artwork, it gives a pop-off-the-garment vibe that really brings out the finish. Increase your bottom line by offering patterns like these at your business!

     2. Silicone Dye-Block™ HTV

Stahls’ new CAD-CUT® Silicone Dye-Block™ has been a big hit with many apparel decorators. For a few years now, silicone finishes have been extremely sought-after. As seen in widely known retail stores such as Nike and Under Armour, this rubberized finish is now achievable with just a vinyl cutter and a heat press. However, Stahls’ CAD-CUT® Silicone has an unexpected, but beneficial feature – it can be applied to dye-sub garments that typically bleed through heat transfer vinyl. Garments like Digi Camo or Camo Hex can now be personalized or custom printed without the chance of the dyes migrating through and showing in the finish. Click here to learn more!

     3. Economical Reflective HTV

Stahls’ recently launched a new high-visibility, reflective heat transfer vinyl known as CAD-CUT® Reflective II. Similar to 3M™ Reflective, it is has a bright shine, however it does not have the price tag of 3M. If you’re not familiar with our popular 3M™ Reflective HTV – it is an ANSI certified heat transfer vinyl that can be used for municipalities and road crews. Reflective II does not have the ANSI certification and that plays a big role in the lower price range. Reflective II is the perfect special-effect HTV for corporate wear, workout apparel and even custom printing. It has a tacky carrier that allows for fine-detailed designs and easier weeding! Click here to check it out!

     4. Metallic Silver & Vegas Gold Thermo-FILM®

Stahls’ CAD-CUT® Thermo-FILM® has been around for quite some time and is our number one seller heat transfer vinyl. Some say that Thermo-FILM® is the most-known HTV in the heat printing industry. Because of its popularity, additional colors have been always been suggested by our customers! Finally, we’ve added the top 2 most requested colors to our line! Click here to stock up now.

     5. The Weeding Panel

There aren’t many heat printers in the industry that enjoy the weeding process. Some say it’s therapeutic, most disagree with that statement and hire someone to do the job for them. With this new accessory added – it will make the weeding process much easier on you and speed up your production time (in weeding) significantly – 50% to be exact. If you’re familiar with the, already existing, Weeding Table it’s the same concept: a heated surface the allows the HTV to release from the carrier it’s bound to, and peel away like butter. The weeding panel is smaller and easier to store, and has a price tag of $69.00. Click here to learn more.

     6. Pre-aligned SimStitch

Sim Stitch has been around for quite some time – it’s available in Any Word Any Way®, Pre cuts, and now available in a pre-aligned option, which is a highly requested feature. SimStitch is a laser-etched perma-twill that gives a faux-embroidered look. In the past, heat printers would have to lay each letter out individually to apply them to their garment, now SimStitch comes aligned on a backing for easier application at no additional charge. Click here to see how it works!

7. Monogram Frames in CAD-CUT Templates

Monograms are one of the most popular print trends in the personalized apparel marketplace. Now, CAD-CUT® Templates offers popular font styles including: script, circle and diamond styles. In addition, it also provides complete frames that are great for any market you want to print for! Artwork creation can be tough sometimes without having any artwork background, let CAD-CUT Templates do the artwork for you! All Templates and clipart are completely customizable so you are able to get the most out of your designs! Click here to start designing.

8. Stahls’ Transfer Express Blank Apparel

You can purchase blank apparel along with our custom screen print transfers from Transfer Express. Stahls’ Transfer Express has collaborated with SanMar, and now, Augusta Sportswear! This feature is perfect for those that need a one-stop shop for ordering blanks and transfers. Stahls’ Transfer Express is great about keeping everything updated with popular and trendy looks so you have the very best to choose from. Check out the Augusta Sportswear line by clicking here.

To see all 8 of these new products and their beneficial features, watch the Monday’s Morning Show with Jenna Sackett and Courtney Kubitza, below.

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