10 Unique Print Placements for your Apparel Business

10 Unique Print Placements for your Apparel Business

Blog Post by Courtney Singer

The more print areas on a garment you are able to decorate with your heat press, the more profit potential you have for being able to create premium items with unique print placements. Learning your potential options for these placements will allow you to go into any job confidently knowing what you are able to create.

Going outside the box is what we do here at Stahls’ TV, so check out the images below to get apparel inspiration outside of traditional placement with trendy new ideas and learn the heat printing tips and tricks to achieve them.


1 & 2 - Bottom Side Front & Bottom Side Back Placement

Designing the hip-area of the T-shirt is becoming more and more popular in the last few years of heat printing. The trick to this is to get an even print area. Since the bottom placement is close to the bottom seam, you’ll just want to be sure that the seam is off of the platen before heat printing, otherwise you may not get an even pressure and your heat transfer vinyl may not fully press.

The examples here use Hologram and Premium Plus™ on a children’s dress and a color-block ¼ zip.



3 & 4 - Short Sleeve & Long Sleeve, Sleeve Placement

Sleeve placements have been around for years in the uniform apparel industry, but is slowly finding its way into the retail scene. Whether the garment is short sleeve with a simple logo placement, or a long sleeve garment with a down-the-sleeve typography design, this placement is more popular than ever. Most popular in 2017 streetwear, you’ll want to invest in a Hotronix® Quick Change 6" x 20" Leg and Sleeve Platen to make this print happen!



5 & 6 - Back Center & Shoulder to Shoulder Placement

Forget the front of the shirt for a little bit, and focus on the back. This print area is the best for adding value to a garment for in order to demand a higher price and increased profit. Decorating shoulder to shoulder on this oversized design requires a two-step application that is more than worth it for this trendy print. The yolk of the shirt, also known as the ‘locker patch area’, is shown here with a small 4" x 4" monogram design and is best done with the Hotronix® Quick Change 4" x 4" Platen to make things quick and easy.



7 & 8 - Pocket & Hood Placement

With the rise of trendy blanks is a means for getting more creative with your design print areas. Looking to try something new? Try heat printing the hood of a garment or doing a pocket print. These two designs are breaking the rules of heat printing with many outside-the-box print areas. Simply give these as optional add-ons for a small upcharge. To get even pressure in these print areas with seams, use a Heat Printing Pillow for an elevated print area.



9 & 10 - Middle Garment Side & Wrap-Around Placement

Finally, while using guidelines and placements are great for getting started, you are able to step outside the box once you are comfortable with your heat press. Using the tips above, pillows, and platens, you can create new prints that haven’t been done before! For example, we are showing a middle side print and a wrap-around print that goes on both the front and back of the garment. Use your imagination and get practicing. It may not always work out, but you will always learn something new!

If you’re looking for heat printing tips on design sizes and an outline showing placements, then we strongly encourage you download The Ultimate Guide to Design Size & Placement. Hang it in your shop for a quick reference to the most popular design sizes, traditional and trendy print area ideas, and tips to help you get a successful press.

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