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Layering with Heat Transfer Vinyl in 3 Ways
Layering with Heat Transfer Vinyl in 3 Ways

Layering heat transfer vinyl is a topic that a lot of decorators struggle with in the decorated apparel industry, making it one of our favorite topics to cover. We are all about helping decorators with common challenges in heat pr...

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8 New Styles for Team Uniforms
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Mixed Media 2.0: Mixing Up T-Shirt Designs
Adding mixed-media designs into your apparel line-up is a great way to boost t-shirt sales and profits with unique designs. From pops of glitter, foil, patterns, and rhinestones to full-color images, there are many ways to step outside the box with your heat press. Join Stahls’ TV Educator, Jenna Sackett, as she walks you through how to layer popular heat transfer vinyl for mixed media looks.